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Coat of Arms provides original post-production services, including
editing, color, motion graphics, visual effects, illustration,
scoring, and sound design for film, television, and the web. The
concept of wearing a coat of arms originates from the Middle Ages when
armor emblazoned with symbols identified allies from enemies. Coat of
Arms clearly reveals its alliance with clients by wielding creative
and securing the success of their vision. With a team of empowered
artists who keep the client's message at the forefront, Coat of Arms
gives a unique voice to the art of post-production.

Coat of Arms gives a unique voice to post-production by keeping the
art, the message, and the artists at the forefront. As a result, our
team creates visually compelling and cutting edge art that is inspired
by unencumbered creative. We tell a story with every project in the
way we edit, illustrate, color, write, score, and design. Ultimately,
our work speaks to its audience in the way our clients intend and
within the budget our clients can afford. Our business model is one in
which we maintain a low overhead and a can-do mentality that puts all
project funds into the people we work with and into the art we create.

Service Expertise
2D Animated, 3D Animated, Explainer, Live Action, Mobile App Video, Sketch, Typography, Videographic, Web App Video

Typical Budget
$10,000 - $20,000