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Philip is part of the third generation of textile manufacturers. Recent results are disappointing, however, with sales down, ever higher costs and worries that multiply.

Are you also like Philip, overwhelmed by a rapidly changing world and the daily challenges such as:

• Acquisition and Market Expansion
• New laws and regulations
• Changes in economic and political climate
• Products and services vanguard
• Reduced costs
• Compression Tools large data

Respond effectively to these challenges requires innovation and new business vision. Philip will eventually find its solution: making shirts from a sustainable and environmentally friendly source such as milk fibers. Either turn waste into a marketable product and create a complete recoverable chain from producer to consumer.

Whence came this idea?
Philip has received reliable and efficient advisors to transform its business. At KPMG, we have a passion for challenges.
Our expertise is focused around three poles:
PERFORMANCE: we helped Philip to make the best decisions to reduce costs, improve the efficiency of its organization and develop a strategy using technology appropriate.

GROWTH: Philip, we were able to turn challenges into opportunities and advance its business.

RISK: Philip also consulted us for risk management. This allowed him to move to operational management and transform the risk to his advantage.

With a trusted advisor such as KPMG, you can turn complexity into strong growth opportunities. With our extensive network and our multidisciplinary teams, we can help you beyond appearances and point out what you really important. As Philip, get practical and relevant advice!


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